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Qualifying 2018



In 2018 DESIGN CUP will take place in the end of May with a big selecting process. Any person of any profession from any country and any age can become a participant! 

The best 48 authors will be invited to the next group round of DESIGN CUP that will be held online on the website so everyone can see the works of the authors.

If you never participated in DESIGN CUP before, please read the rules and conditions.

The participation in DESIGN CUP guarantees the participant the opportunity to play a competitive and interesting game. The participant will be placed in one of 8 groups. The ballot of DESIGN CUP will decide in which of these 8 groups the participant will be placed. The participant will have an opportunity to be noticed and awarded even if he won’t go to the next round of the competition. The best designers are awarded in 10 nominations and are invited to DESIGN CUP Awards. But moreover, it is just a fun and exciting process!

The participation in DESIGN CUP is free!



Make out the traditional shape of a paper cup, in any style and with the help of any design tools available to you! Imagine that you are the owner of a small stylish coffee house, and your task is to make a modern, surprising, stylish and truly "designer" product!


The theme is free in terms of choice of style and method of embodiment. Illustration in any style, collage, graphics, minimalism, typography, photography, 3D, or a mixture of something: choose the realization that you are strong in, or what you want to try to embody this creative theme. There are no restrictions on the color, the amount of information and accents, you yourself can come up with a sub-context, a legend or a thematic basis. It is not forbidden to make a series of cups, if your concept requires it.

Review for inspiration | 20 creative cups

FORMAT, SIZE: One image (one file) 2000 px on the wide side of the JPG, RGB.
DEADLINE: Works are accepted until July 27.
the subject of the letter "Coffee Cup", indicate in the letter your name and country.

We are waiting for your work and good luck on the champ!