Jury 2018


   Stefan Lechwar  | Poland

Associate Professor at Graphic Design Section / Institute of Art/Faculty of Arts in Cieszyn / University of Silesia in Katowice / Poland. Since 2003 – a lecturer at The Section of Graphic Design at The Institute of Art in Cieszyn. 2012–2013 – a lecturer at The Institute of Arts / University of Opole. 2015 – habilitation degree in Fine Arts. Lecturer at WST in Katowice. 

Range of activities: graphic design, illustration, painting and theatre. 

Participated in over 200 group and solo exhibitions both in Poland and abroad, including: USA, Japan, China, South Korea, Iran, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Scotland, England, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, New Zeland, Malaysia. Facebook

   Dmitry Karpov  | Russia

Co-founder, creative director, curator and teacher at British Higher School of Art & Design, Scream School, member of the British Association of Designers and Art Directors D & AD. Visiting Lecturer at FH JOANNEUM and Fojo Media Institute. 

Lecturer and Operating partner in Bang Bang EducationCourse Director CPD interactive design and new media in British Higher School of Art & Design. Facebook

   David Jimenez  | Ecuador

David Jimenez is a passionate graphic designer, always in a state of creating something new towards visual communication. Many of his posters have been part of exhibitions and competitions from all around the world, such as: Mut Zur Wut, Poster for Tomorrow, International Poster Biennial in Mexico, Trnava Poster Triennial, International Poster Biennale in Warsaw and many others.

Regarding the poster, he feels that while it may be true that a poster can not change the world, it can change a person's world. Born in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, he always makes some time during the day to sketch his ideas on paper and create graphic communication pieces, especially posters, for which he feels great love and admiration. Facebook

   Ilshat Baiburin Russia

Art director of the legendary studio PARADOX BOX. The recipient of the awards is the National Advertising Festival "Idea!", The Moscow International Design Festival, the Kiev International Design Festival, the Kazan Advertising Festival, IDENTITY: BEST OF THE BEST, the Minsk International Design Festival "White Square", etc. ParadoxBox

   Naufan Noordyanto  | Indonesia

Bachelor of Art from the Visual Communication Design Department in the Indonesian Institute Of the Arts Yogyakarta. Focused on visual communication design, graphic design, poster, typography, visual branding, illustration, etc.

The 1st place of Profesional Category in the International Poster Reggae Contest 2018; One of winners of Typomania Festival 2018 International Logo Contest, Moscow, Russia; The 1st place in the international poster contest dedicated to the Victory Day in II World War organized by Russia Design Association.

Finalist and selected artist in several international competitions and exhibitions: Mexico, Iran, Cyprus, Italy, Egypt, France, Germany, UK, Portugal, Russia, Ecuador, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, Korea, Indonesia, ShowUsYourType, etc. Facebook

   Mohammad Afshar Iran

Graphic Designer & Art Director. Exhibit of the works in more than 140 national & international exhibition and festivals..

The winner of more than 40 national and international awards and honors, including: International Design Biennial/China 2016, international Cow Design Festival, China-Italy International Design Week, 15th Resistance Theater Festivalб Iran International Green Film Festival.

Member of the pre-selection board and the jury of 11 creditable international festivals: Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Mexico, Ecuador, France, Kyrgyzstan. Facebook

   Vadim Bunkov Russia

Organizer and inspirer of the SREDA Design FestivalMoscow, Russia. Art director, graphic designer of «Vad Bunkoff Design». Curator of graphic design courses at the «Business and Design Institute». Expert of the Higher School of Branding, Moscow. He has worked in the profession for almost 20 years, worked with many Russian and foreign companies, including Toyota, Stada, Karatov, X5 Retail Group, and others. Awards at Russian and foreign design and advertising festivals. Facebook.

   Su Huimin  | China

HMSUEDesign Studio founder. One of winners of the United Nations “Imagination 2030”,  UN Geneva Open Day Poster Contest and Exposition, UN Headquarters in Geneva winners, 2017 Muse Creative Awards International Creative Design Award/International Jury, 2018 ACM SIGGRAPH SpaceTime 2018, International Student Poster Competition/International Jury. The work has won a number of domestic and international awards.

Published in Israel, Ukraine, China, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Ecuador, Austria, the Czech Republic, the United States, China Taiwan, Germany , Italy, Serbia etc. Facebook

   Alisher Baibekov  | Kyrgyzstan

According to our tradition, the last year DesignCup Champion is invited to the jury! Alisher for many years participated in DesignСup, in 2013 he became a bronze medalist, and in 2017 he became the Сhampion! In 2012, he received the first award for the best alternative brand of Kyrgyzstan «The Land of Sky Mountains». At the 18th All-Russian Exhibition of Logos «Golden Bloha-2017» was awarded a special nomination «The Best Image». In 2017 Alisher founded his own «LEVSHA Design Studio». Facebook

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