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DESIGN CUP – is an annual online competition for designers, held every autumn since 2009. The main difference between our event and traditional design festivals is that our participants don't show works which they had created before championship; they prove their skills right in the course of the event. Participants who are in their best shape exactly at the moment of the tournament win in their design “fights”.

Referees of the tournament constitute qualified and competent jury which evaluates the participants’ works.

The tournament process is the following: All registered participants are being divided into groups (via toss-up). Each group receives its own task. Those who win in their groups pass further in the tournament table (similar to what is used in football games). After that, they meet in paired duels and struggle to the final match, getting more and more interesting assignments.

Design Cup is a unique format: some kind of blend of creative work, sport excitement, education and test of one's skills. And of course this is a strong stimuli of making a good creative job right on the spot, thanks to the strong competition (other participants do the same tasks), it also gives our designers the opportunity to be singled out by strong design specialists and big companies and studios.

The participation in Design Cup is totally free!

The tournament was established on the basis of Design.KG website, active and creative platform. The motherland of the competition is Kyrgyzstan; that’s why many participants are from this country. We also always organize an exhibition based on the tournament results; every year some projects originally designed within Design Cup are realized by existing companies, such as: t-shirts, unique design cups, postcards, calendars and others.

For our participants the main goal is not victory, but mostly the participations itself. They get useful experience, exciting stimuli to surpass themselves and constructive criticism from notable designers. Those who win in the elimination competitions get considerable reputation in their midst.

Awards / Top places:

  • Champion
    The winner who's won all the competitions in the tournament.
  • Silver
    The finalist who lost only in the final match.
  • Bronze
    The third place, according to the points of the those participants who lost in the semi-final matches.
  • «The Best Concept»
    The strongest idea, in the jury's opinion.
  • «The Best Typography»
    The best artwork with type, in the jury's opinion.
  • «The Best Illustration»
    The best original illustration, in the jury's opinion.
  • «The Best Craft»
    The best vizualisatuin of project, in the jury's opinion.
  • «The Best Hand Made Work»
    The best work created by an author with his own hands.
  • «Special award from the jury»
    The specific award, at the jury's discretion.
  • «Star of the year»
    The best dedut on the Design Cup in this year
  • «The best out-of-competition work»
    The best work sent out-of-competition.
  • «Audience Choice Award»
    The best work, according to the voting of our audience.
  • There can be additional nominations, at the jury’s and organizers’ discretion.